Subaru International Partnership Science and Instrumentation Workshop

Towards Subaru partnership, some representative researchers from potential partner countries will meet and discuss collaborations. This is the first such official occasion and we aim to first of all know each other, identify common interests in science and instrumentation, and extend on-going collaborations and/or seek for new potential collaborations.

Australia: Chris Lidman (AAO)
Canada: Luc Simard (NRC)
EAO member countries: Jessica Dempsey (EAO), Lei Hao (Shanghai), Byeong-Gon Park (KASI), Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)
Japan: T. Kodama (NAOJ; Chair), Y. Niino (NAOJ), Y. Takagi (NAOJ), N. Yamada (NAOJ), Ikuru Iwata (Subaru), Y. Koyama (Subaru), Y. Minowa (Subaru), N. Ohashi (Subaru), T. Nagao (Ehime), M. Yoshida (Hiroshima)

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