Subaru International Partnership Science and Instrumentation Workshop

Please make a reseravtion on your own ASAP!
Nearby hotels are already very busy in the week of the workshop and some are not available!
Be quick!
Some recommended hotels are listed below.

<< Major Hotels near JR Chuo Line Stations >>
JR EAST GROUP Railway Lines Network

(20min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Keio Plaza Hotel (Hi class)
- Shinjuku Washington Hotel
- Hotel Gracery

(15min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Hotel Mets Koenji
- Hotel Ark Tower

(5min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Kichijoji Tokyu Rei Hotel
- Kichijoji Dai-Ichi Hotel

(3min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Richmond Hotel Tokyo Musashino
- Mitaka City Hotel

(Nearest JR Chuo-line Station to NAOJ)
- Hotel Mets Musashi-Sakai

(7min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Hotel Mets Kokubunji
- Business Hotel Daiwa

(15-20 min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Hotel Mets Tachikawa
- Palace Hotel Tachikawa
- Tachikawa Washington Hotel

(30min to Musashi-Sakai by train)
- Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

<< Major Hotels near Keio Line Stations >>
Keio Railway Map

(Nearest Keio-line Station to NAOJ)
- Creston Hotel Chofu
- Hotel Livemax Chofu

(5-10min to Chofu by train)
- Hotel Continental Fuchu
- Hotel Livemax Fuchu
- Hotel Livemax Fuchu Annex

For other hotels
check the sites below with keywords like "Musashisakai", "Chofu", "Shinjuku", etc.
- Rakuten Travel

(NAOJ Guest House in Mitaka Campus)
Several rooms in the COSMOS-kaikan are reserved for this meeting.
You can request for your stay in the COSMOS-kaikan via registration.
Please note that we may not be able to meet all the requests due to the limited availability of the rooms.

Access to Mitaka campus, NAOJ
Access to Mitaka campus, NAOJ

NAOJ Mitaka Campus Map
NAOJ Mitaka Campus Map
The session will be held in the Large seminar room,
Subaru building 1F (Building Number: W1).

The banquet will be held on Mar 22 at the COSMOS-kaikan cafeteria in the Mitaka campus.
It costs you 3,500JPY/person (Student:3,000JPY/person). We will collect it in CASH(JPY) at the registration desk.